Everything You Need To Know About Sunset Projector Lamps and more!

Everything You Need To Know About Sunset Projector Lamps and more!

So you’re curious about this new “Sunset Projection Lamp” that seems to have taken the social media game by storm this past spring and summer. Maybe you even ended up here looking for more information after getting one of those recommendations through an influential streamer, tiktoker, or instagrammer!

They’d likely have shown the product mixed with a tutorial on how they use it to create “realistic lighting” or some in the form of a DIY “golden hour hack”; and as cool and informative as that is, you might be left feeling a bit skeptical of their claims.

How much of their talk is really just fluffing up the product in order to earn commission? Where did these come from? Why are they called “Sunset Projector Lamps” and not just “Sunset lamps”? These are likely questions that might’ve popped into your head at points through their recommendations, and we’re plenty happy to clear up any confusion you may have!

So sit tight and continue reading to learn more about this awesome relatively new product that almost everyone seems to be talking about in one way or another!

Why are they called Projector Lamps?

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If you were born before or during the early 2000’s, chances are you’ve probably had the blessed experience of having your teacher roll in a projector cart to display diagrams or go through quiz answers at some point.

Yes, we’re talking about that projector cart. The big bulky one that always seems to have a loud wiring fan and occasionally blows out hot puffs of air to the kid lucky enough to be sat next to it. Reminiscing aside, there’s a reason we bring up those old projectors now!

You see, the technology behind the Sunset Projector lamps is made with the very same tech they used in those days! The Led Light fixed behind the bulbous glass is what produces that aesthetic solid ring of light, which is essentially the same thing they used (sans LED) in those old fashioned projector carts. 

All the glass does is enhance the light in a 90 degree angle, becoming a hyped up light projector of sorts. However, it’s the color or film used with the glass that gives the Sun Glow Lamps their aesthetic appeal. For instance, to get that sunset red color, the film is a mixture or yellowish-orange around a red center which, when mixed with the harsh white light of an LED, softens the output into a more golden red result.

Where did these Sunset projection Lamps come from?

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While the blow up in popularity of these Sunset Projector Lamps may make them seem like they just popped up out of nowhere one day, they have actually been around for a while! In fact, you may have seen them used before in art galleries to highlight works or set mood in an establishment without even realizing it!

This was back when an Italian Design Studio Mandalaki came out with their own line up of projectors lights called the Halo edition, which might we add, is a fitting name considering their beautification purpose. However, the key difference between the Halo edition lights and Sunset projector lamps, comes with a hefty price tag spilling into the $1000 range.

You might be gawking at the huge difference in price, since you could get your hands on most Sunset Projector lamps for the much more reasonable price of around $30 dollars; but you have to take into account their purposes. The Halo edition for one, is a light designed to be used in galleries emphasizing exquisite piece; where the hosts are willing to spare no expense to produce the best quality atmosphere.

And it’s true, the Halo Editions are probably made and produce a better quality output than a Sunset Projector Lamp; but that’s not to say that our lamps are just cheap knock offs. They do still produce similar results; and for the average person just looking for a decorative lamp to play around with, it works just as well.

What can you use them for?

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While these are in no way a proper replacement for an actual light source, these sunset lamps are perfectly capable of acting as decorative backdrops or even a night light of sorts! With their USB power cable support and relatively small size, you can easily set them up wherever you want! Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen– even a bathroom if you really wanted to!

 Our own Sun Glow Lamps come in 3 distinct film colors: UV, Dusk, and Dawn; which can be independently selected for your own personal uses. Looking to re-create that “golden hour” hack that you’ve seen posted all over TikTok? Then you might want to try the Sunset Lamp. Working with a purple theme for your next stream? Then why not try the UV light to create a stunningly vivid backdrop that your viewers simply can’t tear their gaze away from.

What we’re trying to get at here, is that there are literally hundreds of applications for these Sun Glow Lamps that we could hardly fit them all into this one blog! And while we could link you to many examples of them being used in social media posts, we think it’ll be more fun to let you try and figure that out yourself! 

Like we said before, our Sun Glow Lamps are only $30 which is a fairly affordable price, all things considered, and for casual use they’re more than enough to pull off those pictures everyone’s been making tutorials for. So catch onto this trend while you still can and just have fun!

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