How to use the Sun Glow Lamp to Create Stunning Backgrounds

How to use the Sun Glow Lamp to Create Stunning Backgrounds

Have you been looking for a way to up your photography game? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to add more depth to your photos, or simply step away from the typical mirror selfie. Well, whether you’re a professional in this field or simply starting out, we’re sure we have some tips and tricks that could help you out! 

So get your tripods out and your phone ready, as we’re about to take you through a crash course on how you can use our Sun Glow Lamps to create stunning backgrounds that bring your pictures to life! 

Creating an artificial Golden hour

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One of the key reasons why our Sun Glow Lamps work so well at producing visually stunning results is the fact that it mimics the lighting of the golden hour. For those not familiar with this term, in photography, it refers to the sliver of time just after sunrise and before sunsets where the light produced from the sun takes on more reddish hues; essentially, bathing you and everything else in a golden light.

In the field of photography, this is also commonly referred to as the magic hour, especially in movies, as it’s hands down the most flattering natural looking light on photography subjects! By taking a picture during this small window of time, the subject of the photo will often come out warmer, friendlier and in a way more beautiful! Our Sun Glow Lamps are made to mimic the light during this hour, so you can take photos as though it were within the golden hour window but whenever and wherever you want!

By using this lamp, you can also control which angle the light is coming from and take the shot indoors! By setting everything up in a controlled environment, like a windowless room, you can take your time composing the perfect setting!

Using a light Diffuser

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One of the main downsides to the Sun Glow Lamp is the fact it’s a narrow and focused beam of light. If you're aiming for a natural look to your photos, this means you’ll either have to place the lamp really far back so you don’t see the obvious ring of light, or, you could use a light diffuser!

In photography, these are often used to scatter harsh or bright lights and spread it out in a wider softer area. By using a diffuser you can more easily achieve a near natural scattering of light so frame your subject realistically. 

As an added bonus, by using one of these, you can also minimize the chances of glare being produced in your picture as the light wouldn’t be aimed directly at whatever you’re taking a photo of. Instead, the light diffuser will usually be placed right in front of the light, allowing some of the scattered light from the original beam to pass through, lighting the scene. 

Creating silhouette backgrounds

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If you’re looking for a unique way to pretty up a larger blank background, you might be interested in this! Instead of placing things behind the subject of your photo, you can create the illusion of a scene by placing items (such as plants or blinds) in front of the Sun Glow Lamp, leaving silhouettes of the items to appear in the ring of light! 

You can easily give your picture a more exotic look by draping a palm frond from above or having a fern bush peeking out at the bottom! You can even play with the depth, such as moving the sun glow lamp further back from the item or closer to either create a more crisp or fuzzy silhouette in the back! 

Using reflectors

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Similar to the light diffusers, reflectors are often used to bounce light back to frame the subject from behind in the studio. You could also use it in front of the subject to try to direct stray light back to the main subject to further light them if you find the composition to be too dark.

By Using reflectors you can get away with having fewer light sources while still coming out with a well lit subject! You can even use them in a complex scene, such as one with many items involved) to better focus our attention on the focal point by directing more light emphasis on it!

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