Top 4 Photography Tips With The Sun Glow Lamp!

Top 4 Photography Tips With The Sun Glow Lamp!

The world is filled with beautiful wonders and it is important to take the time to enjoy the pleasant beauty around us!  Natural beauty that is found when looking up at the sky, or sunset, or even the moon are all examples of surrealism! We tend to overlook these natural wonders because they take place every single day but it is time that we really just sit back and deeply enjoy what our earth has to offer.  

Taking pictures and drawing the beauty surrounding us is a great way to capture the moment and make everlasting memories! But what about the times where we can’t experience a romantic sunset because of our location or current weather? Well no need to worry because with the Sun Glow Lamp, you will be able to enjoy the calming, beautiful, and life-changing moments of a sunset right from your humble abode! In this blog post we will be discussing the many different ways that you can take pictures using the Sun Glow Lamp




It is incredibly important that you are aware of your surroundings and what background will be used in your picture! When using the Sun Glow Lamp for your picture, the lamp will be projecting on to the subject and the picture will pop especially if the subject or model is posed up in front of a white background! The white background will help show all the vibrant and bright colours of the projection and make your picture stand out! If you don't have a white background then we recommend using a white bed sheet or plastic sheeting for outdoor and indoor pictures! 

Create your Shadow!

When using the Sun Glow Lamp for pictures, means that this lamp will be your source of light so the placement of the lamp is incredibly important! Depending on how you want your picture to turn out, we recommend playing around with the positioning of the lamp and see what works best for you.  It is also important to create your own shadow to create dimension and volume.  Good thing about using the Sun Glow Lamp as your source of light for the pictures is that you can easily adjust the light and brightness if you can not move your subject around!  To create shadows we recommend using an umbrella, or a large piece of cardboard, basically anything large and solid that will help you cast a shadow to help you block out the light where needed! 

Move Around! 

Now if you can move your model or subject around then we suggest moving them around as much as you can! This will lead to more variety of angles and overall better photos! Photographing your model from a different perspective will lead to a potentially great photograph allowing you to be creative with all the possibilities! We recommend the model crouching down and looking into the camera or maybe taking the photo from a higher angle that showcases the immense beauty of the light and subject! 

Bouncing The Light! 

To spice up your picture even more we recommend reflecting the light from the Sun Glow Lamp and this will diffuse it by helping it to scatter and cover a larger area! To reflect your light, we recommend using a mirror which reflects the light completely. But if you want a less extreme reflector then crumble up a massive piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around a piece of cardboard and hold it up. This will make a great reflector and is not as harsh as the mirror, really great for adding highlights and quality!

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