Where to Buy the TikTok Trending Sun Glow Lights!

Where to Buy the TikTok Trending Sun Glow Lights!


If you're an avid TikTok fan, you know how important lighting is when it comes to snapping the perfect angles. Getting the best shots in the "Golden Hour" can create the most stunning photo's in your camera roll. But why settle for one hour of the day to designate for your pics? Get your Photography A-Game on to #getthatglow!

If you've spent time scrolling through TikTok recently, you'll know that these unique Sun Glow Lights have become a viral trend throughout the platform and the E-Commerce market. Having a set of these bulbs in your home gives you that optimal sunset lighting no matter the time of day! In seconds, transform any room in your house into a glowing sunset filled with booming color.

Today, I give you the top TikTok Approved Sun Glow Lights that've been tested, used, and loved! Don't spend your hard-earned money on expensive professional studio-like gear, instead use this superb TikTok hack and improve your esthetics instantly!


1. Original Sun Glow Lamp

Price: $29.99

Color Options: Dusk, UV, Dawn

Shop Now: Original Sun Glow Lamp

If you want nothing but a flawless glow in every photo you take, this Sunset Lamp is the perfect option for you. Romanticize any given room within seconds of setting up these trendy, modern lights. With 90-Degree adjustable capabilities, get a surreal #goldenglow to give you that aesthetic look! Simply plug in the attached USB, and the energy-saving LED Lights will go to town. Rejuvenate your body and mind with breathtaking views and bring more awe-inspired moments into your atmosphere! Elevate your ambience, and get that professional twist your Instagram feed needs. With over 150 Five-Star reviews, this is a fantastic TikTok product you can trust! 


2. FLAIGO Romantic Visual LED Light

Price: $22.99

Color Options: Rainbow, Sun, Sunset, Sunset Red

Shop Now: FLAIGO Romantic Visual LED Light

Coming in at number two we have a stellar Amazon native from FLAIGO. This alloy-based LED projector is highly durable and stable while giving you a long service life. With the ergonomic 90-Degree adjustability, this light can bring the purest aspects of romance in a matter of seconds. Equipped with practical, power-saving LED Lights, this fantastic Sunset Glow comes in four colors, all of which bring a lovely sight into your home. For all modern home lovers looking to spice things up romantically, this light is a must-have, and will instantly become a staple item in your home. Bring the sunlight to the darkest room and watch as the passionate vibes shower over the entire setting.


3. The Mellow Sunset Lamp

Price: $39.99

Color Options: Red Sunset, Yellow Sunset, Rainbow Sunset

Shop Now: The Mellow Sunset Lamp

The Mellow Sunset Lamp brings nothing but the purest #warmlight to give you a #mellow and #cozy aura! This amorous LED Lamp can bring the joy of a spectacular sunset to any ambience with one simple plug-in. Enjoy a vibe with multiple color options, allowing you to experience the fascinating shades of sunsets. Bring a feeling of warmth and comfort into your home that radiates to anyone who catches a glimpse of this gorgeous glow. Have the sunset of your dreams available on-demand, and fade into #tranquility! 


4. DecoForU Sunset Projection Lamp

 Price: $22.99

Color Options: Sunset, Sun, Sunset Red, Sunset Green Flash

Shop Now: DecoForU Sunset Projection Lamp

The final TikTok trending hack we have on our list comes from DecoForU. This intimate lighting tool comes in four stunning color options guaranteed to set the perfect mood in your home. Equipped with a 360-Degree swivel axis, this LED Lamp is exactly what you need to get that perfect #goldenlight to boost every photo you take! Made with highly durable material, this lamp is sure to stand the test of time, and give your Instagram feed a run for views. With one simple USB plug-in, you can transform your entire setting in a matter of seconds! 

If you want the ideal lighting to help boost your TikTok or Instagram feed, these four options are your best bet to get you a bang for your buck. Don't wait for Golden Hour to take your pics, bring that dreamy lighting to your home, available whenever you please!  

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