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Mini Portable LED Flashlight

Mini Portable LED Flashlight

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Illuminate your outdoor adventures with the Mini Portable LED Flashlight, a compact and lightweight companion that's perfect for cycling, hiking, camping, and a range of outdoor activities.

With its durable aluminum alloy body and waterproof design, you can rely on its performance in any weather condition.


  • Exceptional Brightness: Equipped with a powerful 10W LED bulb, this flashlight produces a brilliant 2000-lumen beam, ensuring your path is well-lit during outdoor activities.

  • Rugged Durability: Constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy, this flashlight can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, ensuring it remains a reliable companion.

  • Waterproof Design: Rain or shine, this flashlight keeps shining. Its waterproof design means it won't let you down in wet conditions.

  • Long-Range Illumination: With a lighting distance of 50-100 meters, this flashlight provides visibility even in the great outdoors.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're cycling, hiking, camping, or enjoying any other outdoor activity, this flashlight is your go-to source of light.

  • Single File Dimmer: Adjust the brightness with ease using the single-file dimmer, providing the right amount of light for your specific needs.

The Mini Portable LED Flashlight is your reliable outdoor lighting solution, providing you with powerful brightness, durability, and waterproof performance for your adventures.

Don't let the dark stop you – light the way with this exceptional flashlight.


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