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Party Decoration LED String Fairy Lights

Party Decoration LED String Fairy Lights

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Create an enchanting atmosphere for your gatherings with our Party Decoration LED String Fairy Lights. These lights are more than just decorations; they set the stage for unforgettable moments. Here's why you'll love them:


  • Perfect for All Conditions: These lights feature a wedge base type and are equipped with 51-100 waterproof LED heads, ensuring they can withstand various weather conditions.

  • Long and Versatile: With a generous 1000cm length, you can get creative with your installations, making these lights perfect for any venue.

  • Energy-Efficient Brilliance: The LED lights are energy-efficient, offering long-lasting brilliance for your parties.

Turn your parties into magical experiences with our Party Decoration LED String Fairy Lights.

With their weather-resistant design, creative possibilities, and energy-efficient operation, these lights will shine brightly and make your gatherings truly unforgettable. Illuminate your celebrations with style and charm today!


    • LED String Light Waterproof: Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, no need to worry about weather conditions.
    • Length: 1000cm: A generous length allows for versatile decorating.
    • 51-100 LED Heads: Create a magical ambiance with a multitude of LED lights.
    • Base Type: Wedge: Easily install these lights for your party setup.
    • Voltage: 6V: Safe and efficient operation.
    • Energy Source: Dry Battery: Convenient and long-lasting power source.

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