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Rainbow Sunset Lamp Led Projector

Rainbow Sunset Lamp Led Projector

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Our Rainbow Sunset Lamp-Led Projector is a perfect light that is sure to make everyone happy. As you can adjust the lights on it as per your mood and the vibe you want. It is a perfect add-on for your home as depending on the mood you can change it. It is easy to control and has rotating lights. The greater distance you keep the better projection you get. It is portable so you can carry it anywhere along.



  • Shade material: aluminum
  • Length : 18cm/28cm
  • Plug: USB


  • A portable USB plug-and-play lamp has long service life and can be powered by a power bank or connecting any adapter.
  • Flexible lamp hose, can suitable any angle you need, convenient to use.
  • Compact and portable design can be taken to travel, or used as a night light, emergency lamp, etc.
  • LED lamp beads, high light transmittance lampshade, bright light, no flicker.
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