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USB LED Fairy String Curtain Lights

USB LED Fairy String Curtain Lights

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USB LED Fairy String Curtain Lights: Create a magical ambiance with these enchanting curtain lights. Featuring 300 LEDs, the 3m x 3m size beautifully illuminates any space. USB-powered and waterproof, they offer 50,000 hours of mesmerizing lighting. Choose between two options: with or without 10pcs hooks. (No plugs included)

  • Size: Width: 3m (9.8ft) * Height: 3m (9.8ft) with 300 LEDs
  • Width: 3m (9.8ft) * Height: 2m (6.5ft) with 200 LEDs
  • Width: 3m (9.8ft) * Height: 1m (3.2ft) with 100 LEDs
  • Accessories: without hook or with 10pcs hooks, two options.
  • Power supply: USB 5V ( No plugs )
  • Lifespan: 50000 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP65, led lights are waterproof, but the USB is NOT


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