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Wireless Humidifier with Sunset Light Projector

Wireless Humidifier with Sunset Light Projector

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This mini Wireless Humidifier diffuser with Sunset Light Projector is not only a humidifier but also can produce beautiful sunset lighting effects to create a romantic lighting atmosphere.

The light transmitter can be adjusted to rotate 350° left and right and 135 readings up and down, which is convenient for you to create sunset light effects when taking photos!
Silent humidification relieves indoor air dryness, suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms in summer or dry seasons in autumn and winter, and can also be used as a gift for friends,
lovers and parents.
The battery version contains a 2000mAh battery, which is a free portable humidifier.

The power cord is convenient to move and use in different occasions. The normal version
needs to connect to the USB power cable to use.


  • Rated power supply: DC5V/1A\
  • Spray: 35-50ml/H
  • Applicable area: 10-20㎡
  • Water tank capacity: 300ML
  • Product size: 136mm*136mm* 85mm
  • Product weight: 310G Product
  • Material: ABS / PP / electronics \ components
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